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We seek to be a safe community for people to go deep into their faith.
These common values enable us to provide that.

Worship - We value worship that is Experiential, Participatory, Image Driven and Connected (EPIC). We believe that it is important to worship and pray together in a warm, open, honest and caring setting and that worship time includes time for community, time for prayer, time for celebration of God through music and time for meaningful, relevant and thought provoking messages, honouring our five century Moravian heritage and tradition.


Children and Youth - We value children  and youth. We believe that children and youth are the church now, and need to be supported. We believe it is important to make the church relevant for them and to them so that they will want to be the church of tomorrow.


Inclusivity – We value difference and diversity. We believe that we are a non-judgmental, multigenerational, caring and open community of faith. All are welcome. We celebrate and learn from our differences. We believe that God loves us for "who we are," not for what we appear to be.


Spiritual Journey - We value individual spiritual journeys. As our Moravian ancestors
did, we believe that it is important to experience, grow in, share, and live the love of God
as shown in Jesus Christ. We offer opportunities to learn from the scripture in varied,
open and positive settings.


Outreach Ministry - We value outreach ministry. We believe it is important to reach out beyond out immediate faith community. We reach out at the local, national and international levels.


Music - We value a varied and vibrant musical experience. We believe that music is an integral part of the worship experience and should be supported and encouraged. We embrace the rich musical heritage of the Moravian Church.


Leadership - We value compassionate, responsive, warm and caring leadership. We believe that it is to be shared between pastor and laity.


Fellowship - We value fellowship and community. We believe it is important to care for and show concern toward all people who are seeking out God's love. Often this happens around the table outside of the formal worship experience with the sharing of a meal. Laity and pastors seek to reach out with concern and encouragement.

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